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Company Information

CIT is a major global bank concentrating on enabling the financial resilience of companies and private savers to manage their objectives. CIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT) is a commercial investment firm with more than a number of centuries running a division of the main bank, CIT Bank, N.A. (FDIC Founder, Lender for Equal Accommodation). The organization's business banking division comprises commercial lending, cooperative association banking, financial advisory banking, funding of equipment, and suppliers. It also includes factoring, funding railcars, treasury and transactions processing, and managing financial markets and assets. A nationwide direct bank and local branch network are included in the consumer banking section of CIT.

As Henry Ittleson discovered a method for making funding available to firms near St. Louis, Missouri, CIT started founded in 1908. CIT was quickly carving pathways around the nation, through Canada and abroad. Financing stays at the core of the business after 75 years. Yet inventions undiscovered a century ago are being created by time and practice. True to its groundbreaking heritage, CIT remains the engine of opportunity, supplying consumers across the globe with new opportunities and different ideas..

Who is it for?

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  • Zero opening of an account or maintenance costs
  • To optimize your earning ability, daily accumulative interest
  • Maximum of six transactions per period of declaration 3
  • Remote location deposit reviews and make payments with the phone website of CIT Bank



The advantages of the CDs Term

  • No opening of an account or maintenance costs
  • To optimize the earning ability, daily accumulative interest
  • Regulated FDIC

Bottom line

The bank is new addition in the banking industry and is already hungry for more. The impressive APY plans are lucrative in the market for new entrepreneurs and students. Check out more details on the company website.

CIT Bank

  • No ATM fees
  • Debit Card with EMV chip
  • Deposit checks via app
  • Transfer, pay & purchase via mobile