Axos Bank Review.

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Company information


Axos Bank emphasizes upon simplicity and consumer service that is customized. They concentrate on delivering excellent quality and a diverse selection of creative financial products among the first institutions to completely deliver banking services online.


Commitment of Axos Bank

We value the confidence Nationwide have put in all of us. It is aimed at providing participants with bank services. The bank is dedicated to providing the same excellent service that clients of Nationwide Bank have grown to expect.

Nationwide With Axos - A Team Together

The relationship with Nationwide is based on a base of shared principles and priorities. In our goal of creating a stable financial environment for individuals looking for easy internet banking, we are closely related. For the organizations, a consumer attitude to doing businesses where the client is the focus and satisfying their needs is important.

Along with the tradition of creativity and breadth of product offerings, these parallels will create a tailored online banking experience for Nationally members and support them to meet their financial objectives.

Pros & Cons


  • Stability - Spanning almost twenty years, they have quite an award-winning tradition of representing customers and enterprises.
  • Convenience - The streamlined experience of true access to online banking places you in control of the funds.
  • Effective - Enjoy personalized banking functionality intended to enable you efficiently handle your currency.
  • Zero monthly upkeep fee
  • No minimum deposit required
  • ATM Cards for Free
  • Free tool to control resources


  • No access to branch
  • The online savings rate is not the highest

Who is it for

Young workers, entrepreneurs and business owners looking for a good rate of interest upon their savings.


Bank of Internet - (USA) Smart Savings Account

Key feature

  • Small initial deposit, no recurring charge
    If you do have to think about service charges eroding the funds over time, will a savings account really be a secure place for your funds?
    By not imposing any cost of maintenance to hold the existing account, Axos Bank ensures that the liquidity of your account is stable.
    You need only a $25 small payment to access the account, so it was a perfect account for individuals who are only beginning to save.


  • Gain access to your cash with the complimentary ATM card from almost anywhere
    One question many individuals have around online banking is how they can get the income. Upon demand, Axos Bank gives account holders a complimentary ATM card. The card may be used to withdraw money from every ATM throughout the world.
    You will have all additional ATM costs reimbursed if you have the Axos Bank Checking Account, so it's a smart idea to aim to have all accounts at just the bank.


  • Monitor the personal financial with money management tools from FinanceWorks
    FinanceWorks is an instrument for money management which lets customers monitor their finance.
    You have the ability to connect your accounts to many other financial organizations by signing in to FinanceWorks. You may connect savings accounts, bank accounts, investment accounts, including credit cards, and much more. FinanceWorks can extract inventory and expenditure information automatically. With one spot, you can monitor your complete financial life.


  • Dynamic applications for online banking
    Axos Bank has spent as a digital bank in bringing together a strong suite of online resources that you can use and monitor the account.
    You can check your balance, see past purchases, and set up transfers among accounts once you log in with a site or smartphone app.
    Free bill payment services are also offered by Axos Bank.

Bottom line

Axos has been synonymous with quality and trust. The bank has been quickly making inroads in the sector with really effective rates of interest and superior service. With a focus upon ease of banking, the products are services are well received by all.