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ClearScore makes personal finance clearer, calmer and easier to understand. Our mission is to help you make decisions that create better financial well-being, so you can take control of your future. We believe this starts with your credit score and report.

Credit Score - What is it & What is it for?
Your credit report is like your financial CV. Banks and lenders can see this whenever you apply for credit, and it forms part of the picture of whether you’re eligible for certain products and at what rates. Despite this, almost 15 million UK adults have never checked their credit score.

ClearScore - A 100% free credit score check & Much More 

 The first UK company to provide customers with 100% free access to their credit score and report, ClearScore is presented simply and beautifully so it’s easy to understand your score.

ClearScore present the credit score out of 1000, making it easier for you to understand your score and eligibility, as well as giving you tips and ways to improve it so you could even receive better offers that are tailored to your score.


But they do more than just providing your free credit score. 

ClearScore share clear, unbiased information about the various financial products in the market, from credit cards to loans and insurance, giving you options that are tailored to your score.

ClearScore also offer free online Coaching journeys to help you reach your financial goals, whether you want to buy a home or choose the right credit card for you.

Advantages of ClearScore

  • An easy-to-understand credit score
    ClearScore gives you more insights into what affects your credit score, so you can feel surer about what you need to do to improve it.
  • A new Affordability Score
    Users want to feel more certain of getting a ‘yes’ when applying for credit. So ClearScore created the new Affordability Score, to help you know where you stand and get the widest range of offers right for you.
  • A weekly report
    ClearScore sends you your credit report every week, giving you easy-to-action steps to help you maintain or grow your score. It tells you exactly where you stand when it comes to credit, to help secure you a great financial future. Users who log in every month and take action increase their scores twice as fast as those who don't. And a higher score means better offers that could save you money.

Who is it for?

UK residents, ages of 18+ .who are looking to improve their credit score and/or are in market to get credit and deals. If you meet the criteria, you can start by clicking here.

ClearScore's ‘Triple Lock’ Feature - Your key to credit confidence

After checking your credit score, you can use the ClearScore's ‘Triple Lock’ feature and receive Credit Card and Loan offer tailored to your credit score. All you have to do is sign up and fill in a few simple forms with your information so you can get pre-approved credit & loan offers**.

*Pre-approval doesn’t always guarantee acceptance, and is subject to lender’s further
checks of your credit status.

*Using the ‘Triple Lock’ feature does not affects your credit score.

Benefits of using ‘Triple Lock’:

  • Pre-approved offers - Pre-approved credit card and loan offers mean you can apply with confidence.
  • Guaranteed rates - There’ll be no surprises. The APR you see is the interest rate you’ll get.
  • Guaranteed credit limits - You can be sure that you can borrow what you need even before applying.


To sum up

ClearScore offers a great solution for people who are looking to apply for a credit card or a loan, as well as for people who just want to build their credit score for future needs.

ClearScore's product is free, easy to use and highly interactive, which makes the experience of checking your credit score a lot easier than before, with a user-friendly interface and simple to understand reporting and suggestions.

The ‘Triple Lock’ feature can help you to make smarter and better decisions before applying for credit or loans, as well as giving you pre-approved, tailored offers with guaranteed rates / credit limits, so you will have all the information and confidence you need before applying*.

*18+, T&Cs Apply, Registration required. ClearScore is a credit broker, not a lender. Pre-
approval doesn’t always guarantee acceptance, and is subject to lender’s further checks
of your credit status.


  • Free, Forever
  • Signing up takes less than 5 minutes
  • Over 12M users in the UK
  • Improve your credit score with detailed insights & weekly reports
  • Get exclusive credit & loan offers